The Commodity & Energy Markets Association (CEMA) is the official organization for researchers who have a keen interest in commodity & energy markets and aims to stimulate research, discussions, and the dissemination of expertise and know-how in this fascinating and fast growing area of research.

Membership in the CEMA provides you with a number of benefits and privileges including:

  • Reduced fee to attend the Commodity & Energy Markets Annual Meetings
  • Eligibility for CEMA awards associated with the annual conference
  • Free online subscription* to the Journal of Commodity Markets
  • Reduced submission fee (50% discount) at the Journal of Commodity Markets
  • Networking opportunities

* To provide online access, your email adress will be passed to the editorial office of JCM. If you do not want this, please let us know: 

The current annual membership fee is 50€.

To become a member, please follow the instructions on the Membership Page.